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“Is This a Pheromone-Inducing Essential Oil that Ignites Her Passion and Connectedness to You?”

We all know that insect and animal pheromones don’t actually work in human interaction… in spite of all the hype around the pick-up dating communities.  But, is there something that will truly enhance pleasure?  I mean, is there something that does work to lure her into your spell?

“Whatever You’re Wearing Smells Really Good On You…It’s Turning Me On!”

Does this reaction seem like the Holy Grail of feedback you want?  

When someone puts out a VIBRATION into the universe, it is more potent than a latent scent.  This is important to keep in mind.

So, WHAT IF you could combine a vibration of pleasure and proven essential oil properties, used for centuries to stimulate arousal?

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